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Frozen Zanskar River Trek- Chadar Trek

Are you ready for a Once-in-a-lifetime Trek?

If you are a true travel freak, we invite you for this challenge!

Chadar Trek- Journey of a Lifetime


Trek Duration – 7 Days (But we made it in 5 Days )

Total Kms Covered- 72 kms

Day-1 – 05 kms (Shingra Yokma to Bakula Bao)

Day-2- 18 kms (Bakula Bao-Tibb cave)

Day-3 – 26 kms (Tibb Cave- Naerk- Tibb Cave)

Day-4- 16 Kms-(Tibb Cave- Shingra Koma)

Day-5- 07 kms ( Shingra Koma- Shingra Yokma)


Discover your Real self-

My first trip to Ladakh in 2018 started with the Frozen Zanskar. Thankfully we organised a customised trip with like minded buddies with best possible facilities to ease out the journey and enjoy completely. Our Journey was definitely different as we were just a bunch of 4 crazy people with 15 helpers 🙂


This is one of the most challenging Treks in the world and is done only in the harsh winters when the Zanskar River freezes completely and a sheet of Ice (Chadar) forms on the river from which the trek derives its name: “Chadar Trek”. The temperature varies between – 20 to – 35 degrees at night and -15 to -18 degrees during the day.


This journey was an adventure in every possible way, right from walking on the Frozen Zanskar, the huge cracks on the sheet of ice, singing songs, learning Ladakhi words, climbing multiple mountains and ridges, falling, slipping and tumbling many a times on the icy sheet, overcoming various dangerous and treacherous obstacles where the ice sheet had melted away, eating hot Maggi with chai in lunch, enjoying the sled rides, climbing a mountain at 12000 feet to reach the Final Summit Point, sleeping in freezing sleeping bags, bonfires, dry toilets, watching a trillion stars at night, wearing layers of clothes to keep yourself warm.


Words fall short to describe the infinite beauty this trek offers.

This trek could actually be a turning point in one’s life as it teaches you a lot. You might stumble or fall many a times but you must again get up to move forward. That is what life teaches you: Not only do you need to balance yourself but also all the people around you. You will find happiness in smallest of things and will happily survive on whatever little you get.


No matter what you encounter, no matter how many obstacles you encounter… you need to always find a way!!!

A big shout out to the LOCAL PORTERS for always being there for us right from the first day to guiding us at every moment and carrying heavy loads on their shoulders. Also, for always serving us with hot meals, only to make our trek less difficult, enjoyable and safer!


The trek is all about determination & survival – of learning to survive in the harsh terrains at sub-zero temperatures, interacting with the locals & understanding their way of living, especially in one of the most uninhabitable regions in the world, while you trek across a dramatic gorge with frozen waterfalls on the frozen trail of Zanskar spread out like a “Chadar” for miles and miles in front of you.

This is certainly a “Do before you die” journey!


Before you get over-enthusiastic and throw us questions on the whats, whys and hows of Leh-Ladakh Chadar Trek, let us first tell you it’s not going to be a red carpet walk! The frozen Zanskar has many steep canyons and you might need to garner all your strength as you will be carrying a backpack loaded with utilities. Are you ready for the challenge?


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What surprises await you in Tirthan Valley

Go Boundless is planning a trip to Tirthan Valley this August and people are asking us so many questions starting from what all activities will be done in this trip.


Let us first tell you that Tirthan Valley is the hidden gem of Himachal and you will surely fall in love at first sight the moment we land at our resort in Tirthan Valley. You may dream of seeking for in the thick maze of the forest, the tranquility you were hankering for, and standing on a sea beach with the berserk waves lashing your feet. And once you accomplished it, you got an adventure. But, sorry! You haven’t got the real adventure unless you witness the glory itself surpassing the aura of the majestic Himalayas.

Believe it or not! Tirthan Valley, situated in Kullu, is the place to feel the solitude. Here, adventurous comes on every step of yours. Don’t think of what to do here, think of what to explore here. Meanwhile, in Tirthan valley, there are exciting things to do with full-spirit.

Have a look-

·         Trout Fishing

It’s a prize catch! Not everyone caught the fish here. Try it! You may need to struggle for grabbing even one fish.


·         Jalori Pass

About 10300 feet high pass, a Jalori Pass is a lovely walking path to Serolsar lake where one can have a glimpse of a beautiful Golden Oak Forest.


·         Hit the Adventurous Activities

Be enthusiastic to show your spirit! Rock climbing and river crossing are unforgettable. Show your participation, be the bohemian. Or be a little more adventurous and enjoy the shallow natural swimming pools of Tirthan River near the resort


·         Great Himalayan National Park

Experiencing one-day camping in this UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE is a must. You’ll be amazed by the park’s unique presence of flora and fauna.

·         Jibhi

Relaxation time! Here, the lush green forests and fresh air will make you love with nature’s essence.

Walk a mile! Tirthan Valley is full of excitements. So are you game to join Go Boundless gang from Aug 15 to Aug 18, 2018? Hurry… limited seats left. Book now!

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Goa in Monsoon – Truly Magical!

Don’t make monsoon an excuse! Just chase your travelling destination. India, known for its adventurous places has the beach capital to let shower the travelling experience with a boom on you. Rainy season is on and so the travelling plans. No need to cancel your trips! Goa is truly magical in monsoon.

Monsoon Love with Goa!

The rainy weather in a beach capital, Goa, means biding goodbye to busy tourism for a short time and welcoming local tourists. And, you are one of them. What’s more to come? Rain is all set to frame you in unforgettable memories.


Pack your bags and get ready to hoot with your gang without the sun. Cheers while experiencing travelling, nightlife, food, beach sidewalks, and so on.

  • Travel with Budget: Go lavish with cheap flight tickets and if need be, Go Boundless can help you in ticket booking too. If coming from Bangalore or nearby places, a road trip is best. So having a vacation in Goa during Monsoon fits in the budget and with Go Boundless planning it, you can be sure that you will get the 5 star facilities at much lesser prices!
  • Lushness with Rain: Welcome to the Green Goa! Monsoon reflects the nature’s love. You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of South goa beaches or plan a day’s trip to Dudhsagar fall place in this weather.
  • Go Adventurous: What if swimming will not be allowed, your trip will still go adventurous. Monsoon makes adventurous sports more exciting, especially river rafting.


  • Food and Festivals: Taste the local delicacies (mocktails, fruit punches, and shakes) and continental food. On the other hand, festivals are never-ending in Goa. Sao Joao festival is celebrated every year during midsummer.

So dear travel-dreamers, this Goa Monsoon Drive will be great fun especially when we will explore by way of Self drive Morjim Beach, Drive towards Arambol and Sawantwadi and offbeat destinations, Castle Rock and Dandeli reserved forest, Palolim Beach and Cado de Rama.

And I, Vaneeta Kang, have visited Goa in Monsoon earlier also; trust me, it is one of the best times to explore Goa.


In case, you are interested, drop a mail at and we will share you the package details as well as itinerary.


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Group Travel or Customised vacations – the best of both worlds

Blame it on movies that many of us have fallen in love with travelling! And for a true traveler, nothing is more exciting as Group Travelling. It is these group travels that give you a chance to relive your teenage days and go back in the memory lane of college. No wonder, more and more people are now option to travel in Convoy or be a part of Self-drive tours to exotic hill stations like Leh, Ladakh, Spiti, Manali, Chitkul, Tirthan Valley and other virgin routes of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Speaking of planning such tours, the biggest downside is paying a huge amount for booking such packages. And the worst part about it is that offer services you aren’t interested in but you end up paying for it as well. This eventually increases your expenditure.


But there is a solution – Enjoy Convoy travelling or get your trip customized – without spending a fortune… Only with Go Boundless team!

When you book with Go Boundless, you get the best of both worlds; you get to enjoy with your group and also the tailor-made vacation which is quite affordable also!

We offer you packages based on your requirements, based on your interest, based on your group size at just half the price of any regular vacation. To know more about the package deals, mail us at and we would be more than happy to serve you.

Here is a brief summary of what you can expect from this package:

  1. A trip of your lifetime: We know you have been long waiting for a trip to Leh-Ladakh or Spiti Valley with your friends and when you book with us, you need not worry about anything other than making the most of your time. Our expert travel planning team will take care of everything else. Other than your family or friends, you would have a chance to meet and mingle with other travelers who share the same interests as you. Who knows, you might end up finding someone for the lifetime.


  1. Customized Services:  When you book with us, we give you the option of customizing your travel plan. You can choose to opt to have fun the way you want. You can choose to explore a different restaurant or do some unique adventure even if the group/convoy is not opting for it.
  2. Exciting Adventures: We will make sure that you don’t miss out on any adventure in your Mountain Drive or Desert Safari trip because this is the only thing you will carry back with yourself, a ton of memories, adventures, and excitement. We want you to feel that kick every time you look back at pictures.




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